IPRA/IPRF Partner with National Fitness Campaign

IPRA, IPRF are partnering with National Fitness Campaign (NFC) to offer grants to Illinois park and recreation agencies (with at least one IPRA member) to support joining the NFC and expanding the campaign across Illinois. NFC delivers a comprehensive fitness and wellness ecosystem built around their highly acclaimed digital Fitness Court®. Fitness Courts® are becoming one of America’s most valuable park resources because they bring people outdoors to engage in functional fitness on the world’s best outdoor gym, featuring an exciting series of seven minute workouts. Community members enjoy the benefits of digital coaching on the free Fitness Court app, which delivers fresh content to keep fitness training fun for adults of all ages and fitness levels. NFC trains local agency staff as part of the campaign, these experts can build engagement and usage.

This state-wide grant program includes exclusive funding opportunities for IPRA members to join and launch the Fitness Court and NFC initiative, continuing education regarding implementation of healthy infrastructure and pedestrian oriented planning principles, and a comprehensive suite of tools, fitness classes and programs designed to build a wellness culture in communities across Illinois. Grant funding represents an important share of the funding required to adopt and launch the program, with cities and local sponsors providing remaining funds together to build NFC partnerships across the state.

Grant Program Updates  

On behalf of the Illinois Park & Recreation Association (IPRA), Illinois Park & Recreation Foundation (IPRF) and National Fitness Campaign (NFC), we are pleased to share that over a dozen communities have now joined our statewide outdoor wellness campaign, which launched in 2020. Current leaders this summer include New Lenox Park District, The Community Park District of La Grange Park, and Oak Lawn Park District. Congratulations to these folks and all 2020 Grant Recipients! Based on recent success, over $250,000 in funding is being made available by NFC and IPRA & IPRF to expand the program supporting up to ten additional IPRA member communities in 2022. 

Please watch this 3 minute video for updates on the new program and evolution of the Campaign as it grows in Illinois and across the nation.

Funding for next year's initiative is limited and will be allocated in the next 90 days.

We are currently inviting park agencies and IPRA members from around the state who may be interested in qualifying for funding and partnership to bring this program to their community to attend a 30 minute briefing and consider a receiving a feasibility study.

We want to ensure equitable access to the funding and briefings, and are reaching out directly with the support of National Fitness Campaign. Eligibility is available statewide, and additional local funding development support will be provided to awardees in this cycle.

If you are interested in scheduling a briefing, Please email IPRA Communications & Marketing Director, Heather Weishaar, at [email protected]