What qualifies for CEUs per application?

1. Attendance at educational events (i.e. Conferences, workshops, webinars, etc.) that does not offer CEUs. Request CEU equivalents be awarded to you within 30 days of attending.  
2. Academic credits can be transferred to CEU equivalents by taking the total number of classroom instructional hours and dividing by ten. For example, a 3 credit course that meets once per week for three hours for 15 weeks equals 45 hours of classroom instructional time. Divide 45 by 10 to achieve the 4.5 CEU equivalents. 
3. Professional Service Experience Points (PSE) can be earned through service you provide to the parks and recreation profession (i.e. Committee Chair, speaking at a conference, serving as an accreditation visitor, etc.)  For more information about the PSE program click here


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