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COVID-19 Virtual Community Talks

IPRA is hosted a series of COVID-19 virtual community talks. 

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 March 26    May 7
 April 2    May 14
 April 9   May 21
 April 16  May 28 Recording I Chat

COVID-19 Safety & Mitigation Strategies Series

Tom Grey (Grey and Associates), Bill Hooker (PDRMA), and Tim Lenac (PDRMA) discussed identification of workplace exposure, creating a plan to mitigate COVID-19 workplace hazards, and exposure controls.

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May 5: View recording here l Download Webinar Documents
May 19: View recording here Download Webinar Documents

COVID-19 Day Camp Guidelines Webinar

Jesse Kinsland, Mary Pedersen, and Sara Yager (PDRMA) highlight the Day Camp Guidelines issued on May 24th by the State of Illinois, discuss risk management best practices, and respond to day camp risk management questions.
June 5: View presentation here

COVID-19 Employer Questions & Answers

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PowerPoint from COVID-19 Employer Questions and Answers  - 5/27/20

Call to Action

Members-only free events

View materials from the Call to Action interview series with Jamie Sabbach. 
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Poll Results and PowerPoint from Understand Fiscal Reality - 4/14/20
Poll Results and PowerPoint from Don’t Wait to Collaborate - 4/21/20
Poll Results and PowerPoint from Understand Fiscal Reality - 4/23/20
Poll Results and PowerPoint from Reductionism and Revenue - 4/28/20

Managing Public Anxiety Related to COVID-19

Dr. Scott Mitchell of SamaraCare shared information about mental health issues that may be encountered in our parks due to COVID-19 and how to address it for the well-being of patrons.
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PowerPoint and program recording