The IPRA Outstanding Program and Special Event Award is presented to public agencies for outstanding and unique achievements in program development and implementation and special event planning. Nominations will be accepted August 1 - November 11, 2022.

Outstanding Program and Special Event Award Criteria:

  1. Agency must employ a current IPRA Member.

  2. Program or event must have taken place during the 2021 or 2022 calendar year.

  3. After completing on-line application, nominator must provide supportive documentation by the deadline. Documentation must be in PDF format and limited to 5 pages (maximum 5MB), and it should include the following: 

    A) Budget
    B) Photos

    C) Promotional materials
          Note: Failure to submit supportive documentation (explained above) by November 11, 2022 
          disqualifies the nomination.

Award Categories

  1. Overall Winner Program and Event Award - highest percentage of scores (without Division)

  2. Program Award – new or ongoing program is a multiple-day activity, such as a program that meets for four, six or eight weeks. (1 per Division, if applicable)

  3. Special Event Award – one-time occurrence, although the event may take place over a few days (such as a festival). (1 per Division, if applicable)


  1. Agency's operating budget is LESS than $5 million dollars.

  2. Agency's operating budget is $5 million dollars or GREATER.

Selection Process & Timeline:

  1. Upon completion of the application, email confirmation sent to IPRA and nominator.

  2. After November 11th deadline, IPRA sends nominations to the Awards & Recognition Committee for review.

  3. Winners will be communicated back to IPRA first week of December.

  4. IPRA will contact winner's nominator and agency with results the second week of December.

  5. IPRA to present awards to winners at the IPRA Annual Business Meeting at the Soaring to New Heights Conference.