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Exceptional Workplace Award

Park and Recreation agencies applying for the Exceptional Workplace Award must complete an online survey that will be emailed to the applicant within 24 hours upon completion of payment. It includes a series of 48 questions, and each question must be answered. A point value has been assigned to each question, which the committee will use when your questions are being reviewed and tallied. Once the survey has been reviewed, if the committee feels that there is a need for documentation, your agency will be notified prior to the final decision. Surveys must be completed by November 11, 2022. The application fee is $45.

If the park and recreation agency meets the award criteria, the recognition as an IPRA Exceptional Workplace is 5 years. Park and recreation agencies may re-apply 5 years after receiving the IPRA Exceptional Workplace award for subsequent consideration. If a park and recreation agency does NOT meet the minimum award requirements during their application year, they may re-apply the following year at no additional cost.

Agencies that meet the criteria will receive the Exceptional Workplace Award at the 2023 IAPD/IPRA Annual Conference, during the IPRA business meeting. 

If you have questions, please contact:

Shannon Tovey
s[email protected]