The IPRA Community Impact Award is presented to a current Illinois park and recreation professional who has made a significant impact in the community in which they serve. Current Executive Directors, CEOs, and IPRA Board of Directors are not eligible to receive the Community Impact Award. Nominations will be accepted August 1 - November 11, 2022.

Community Impact Award Criteria:

  1. Current IPRA Member.

  2. Served a minimum of eight (8) years as a full-time professional in the field of parks and recreation.

  3. Made a major contribution to their local agency/community through their involvement with local community, non-profit, and business organizations; or government agencies.

  4. Current Executive Directors and CEOs are not eligible to receive the Community Impact award.

  5. Current IPRA Board of Directors’ are not eligible to receive IPRA professional recognition awards.

Selection Process & Timeline:

  1. Upon completion of the application, email confirmation sent to IPRA and nominator.

  2. After November 11th deadline, IPRA sends nominations to the Awards & Recognition Committee for review.

  3. Winners will be communicated back to IPRA first week of December.

  4. IPRA will contact winner's nominator and agency with results the second week of December.

  5. Request for additional information (from winner's agency) for presentation at the Awards Luncheon at the Soaring to New Heights Conference.