The IPRA Champions for Change Award is presented to an agency with unique and exemplary practices of increasing access and fostering diversity and inclusion within their community or organization. These are measurable practices that remove barriers, result in positive social change, and inspire others to follow in their path. It improves the working experience and engagement levels of employees from underrepresented communities, and/or the lives of all people through the delivery of excellent services that provide social equity and access in the community. Nominations will be accepted August 1 - November 11, 2022.

Champions for Change Award Criteria:

  1. Agency must employ at least one IPRA member. 

  2. Services, training, and/or programs noted in the application must have taken place during the 2021 or 2022 calendar year.

  3. Agency must have demonstrated outstanding measurable efforts and accomplishments that have increased awareness and understanding, and promoted the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion within their organization and/or community.

Selection Process & Timeline:

  1. Upon completion of the application, email confirmation sent to IPRA and nominator.

  2. After November 11th deadline, IPRA sends nominations to the Diversity Leadership Task Force for review.

  3. Winners will be communicated back to IPRA first week of December.

  4. IPRA will contact winner's nominator and agency with results the second week of December.

  5. Request for additional information (from winner's agency) for presentation at the Awards Luncheon at the Soaring to New Heights Conference.